Queer B.O.I.S.
March 29, 2012

::QB Series::Meet this BOI::

In this edition of QueerBOIS’ ‘Meet This BOI’ Series we would like to invite you to meet Syncere, poet, thinker, activist and writer.  QueerBOIS met Syncere many years ago shortly after she moved to Atlanta.  We quickly hit it off and found that not only do we have our BOI-hood in common, we also had a great deal in common to include our love of all things music, style, queer humor and an intensely strong work ethic.  It was not until many months later, after getting to really know one another that I came to understand just what a wickedly good poet Syncere is.

In regards to erotica, once interviewed by the Lesbian Erotica site KUMA which has numerous pieces published, Syncere has been writing erotica since 2000. Gaining scores of fans worldwide from Australia to South Africa, one of her short stories, “Turn Your Lights Down Low, Part 2” was used by Dr. Gloria Gadsden, a  Professor at FDU on a Lecture entitled, Gender Role Imagery Study In Internet Lesbian Erotic Fiction. In April of 2004, her heart wrenching, honest plea to African-American women concerning HIV & AIDS entitled “The News” was published in Gay Black Female Magazine. She was also approached in 2005 by the creator of an all lesbian calender & two of her poems “Why?” & “Assumptions” were featured in Hard Candy  2006 Bringing The Dominant Woman To The Forefront.

As a poet and spoken word artist, Syncere has been featured at such stellar events as Atlanta Pride, Charlotte Pride, Cliterati, Erotically Speaking, The Brown Sugar Vibe; ZAMI Audre Lorde For President and MONDO HOMO. Syncere’s written word has been featured in publications like Gay Black Female Magazine, she was a featured blogger on Boston-based site, Lesibian Nightlife, ULOAH (United Lesbain Of African Heritage) and featured columnist for Dear Syncere, a Blog for the G-Spot(Girlspot) Blog. 
Currently, Syncere finds hereslf invested in great deal of non-profit, volunteerism and community activism, recently attending the 1,000,000 Hoodie March in memory of the young slain teenager, Trayvon Martin. Lastly, she is now being produced in a video tribute featuring her work and a few other artists in memory of Trayvon.  Other local activism Syncere promotes are, Atlanta’s AIDS Walk, 5K Hunger Walk, Feed The Homeless, among others.

Contact: SirAlexanderSuperTramp@gmail.com

**Pictures taken by QBG Photography

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